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A Benefit to Agriculture

Companies like Nutri-Blend are paid by cities, towns and counties to transport and apply biosolids to permitted farmland in accordance with federal and state regulations. These stringent procedures ensure the maximum benefit to the land while protecting the environment and the health and safety of the surrounding communities. Because the cost of recycling biosolids on farmland is less than disposal in landfills or incineration, and because recycling prevents the waste of valuable nutrients and soil amendments, biosolids generators provide this valuable resource to farmers in Virginia at no cost.

Nutri-Blend applies biosolids on farmland using a standard agricultural box spreader that evenly distributes the material according to a scientifically determined rate, based on soil samples, the U.S. Department of Agriculture Soil Survey and the Department of Conservation and Recreation nutrient recommendations for the crop to be grown. A Global Positioning System (GPS) device is also used to precisely identify the location of each application site. Each application plan must be approved in advance by the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality, which inspects each site before issuing a permit. Biosolids can be applied to pastures, hay fields and corn and soybean fields that will produce animal feed and to land that will grow processed food crops, such as corn, soybeans or small grains.

Farmers routinely report that the productivity of their land more than doubles after the application of biosolids. Because biosolids are organic, they build up depleted soils and restore needed nutrients.



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